Interior finishes & fittings for historic building conservation



This is the fourth book in a series on Historic Building Conservation. It combines conservation philosophy in the built environment with knowledge of traditional materials and structural and constructional conservation techniques and technology. Chapters are written by leading architects, conservators, structural engineers and related professionals, who together reflect the interdisciplinary nature of conservation work. Whilst substantial publications exist on each of the subject areas – some by the authors of Historic Building Conservation – few individuals and practices have ready access to all of these or the time to read them in detail. The aim of the Historic Building Conservation series is to introduce each aspect of conservation and to provide concise, basic and up-to-date knowledge within three volumes, sufficient for the professional to appreciate the subject better and to know where to seek further help.The present volume, Interior Finishes for Historic Building Conservation complements Materials and Skills for Historic Building Conservation, combining the history and application of each material with current knowledge of maintenance and conservation techniques. Of direct practical application in the field, it takes the reader through the process of conserving historic interior finishes, covering everything from decorative plasterwork, joinery and paint colour; to chimneypieces, lighting and bathrooms.