World Heritage Inventory of Earthen Architecture


In 2008, the World Heritage Programme on Earthen architecture (WHEAP) was launched as an initiative to address pressing concerns through the development of policies for the conservation, revitalisation and valorisation
of earthen architecture properties, enhancing capacities at the regional, national and site levels for both management authorities and technical experts.

The World Heritage Inventory of Earthen Architecture plays a specific role within the WHEAP programme. In addition to the inventory of earthen architecture properties inscribed on the World Heritage List, the document presents a synthesis of the data concerning the types and modes of construction of all sites, and the results of a survey undertaken in collaboration with site managers. This information is very useful for fine-tuning the orientations of the WHEAP programme an as a resource for professionals interested or involved in the study and conservation of earthen architecture and, furthermore, for those living in earth.

The World Heritage Inventory of Earthen Architecture is now available in English and French online: (see documents 2 and 3).