Dia internacional de l’arquitectura

World Day of Architecture web UIA
Data: 01/10/2012

The theme selected by the UIA Council for the World Day of Architecture to be celebrated on 1st October 2012 is: Architects are city changers.

With this theme, the International Union of Architects hopes to contribute to the movement initiated by the United Nations through their World urban campaign ‘Better Cities, Better Lives’.
City dwellers will make up 70% of the world population in 2050, and cities must enact drastic changes in order to accommodate the citizens of the 21st century and offer them living conditions conducive to personal development and well-being. The necessary evolution must concentrate on:
  • Mitigating climate change, reducing polluting emissions, and better management of resources and energy
  • Structuring cities to be socially inclusive, accessible and equitable, eliminating discrimination and precarious housing
  • Developing cities that can resist crises and cataclysms, whether natural or induced by man
  • Developing economic, educational and creative opportunities for all
  • Ensuring the security and sanitary conditions vital to all individuals
Architects will play a crucial role in this evolution by their capacity to meet the challenges of global urban sustainability and develop the tools needed to create resilient and sustainably liveable cities.
On 1st October 2012, the World Day of Architecture will be an opportunity for the world’s architects, the UIA Member Sections and its work programmes to demonstrate the role they can play in changing our cities for the future.