Theory of arched structures : strenght, stability, vibration

Theory_of_Arched_StructuresKarnovsky, Igor A.
2012, New York
ISBN: 9781461404682

Theory of Arched Structures: Strength, Stability, Vibration presents detailed procedures for analytical analysis of the strength, stability, and vibration of arched structures of different types, using exact analytical methods of classical structural analysis. The material discussed is divided into four parts. Part I covers stress and strain with a particular emphasis on analysis Part II discusses stability and gives an in-depth analysis of elastic stability of arches and the role that matrix methods play in the stability of the arches Part III presents a comprehensive tutorial on dynamics and free vibration of arches, and forced vibration of arches and Part IV offers a section on special topics which contains a unique discussion of plastic analysis of arches and the optimal design of arches..