Factory Chimneys and collective memory

Dates:29-30 d’agost de 2014
Lloc: Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing, França
Iscripció:  Le Non-Lieu prend is sponsoring the meeting in August 2014 and 2015 (without travel expenses, hotel costs and meals which are at the charge of participants).


What can you do with old industrial chimneys?
One idea put forward is to use them as land marks advertising the industrial heritage site below. In an imaginative presentation, one can argue that old chimneys could play a valuable role in promoting local sites at night as well as during the day by the judicious use of lighting. This has the added benefit of helping to promote the locality itself and thereby attracting the goodwill of the local authority, which might be induced to help financially.

Aims of the steering group
The steering group  “Cheminées d’usine – Factory Chimneys” approaches the industrial heritage through the values and the landmarks of factory chimneys.
The final aims and objectives of the steering group will be defined by the partners, which will meet on several occasions during 2014 and 2015.

Le Non-Lieu, leader of the steering group, nevertheless forwards the following starting-points :

  • to develop a network of European partners prepared to invest sustainably (even behind 2015) in the (re)valuation of factory chimneys, as well locally as on a European level
  • to encentivise local projects and to incorporate thes in a common European network
  • to contribute, through the topic of factory chimneys, to developing awareness and recognition by the public and institutions of 1) the central role of industry in the construction of European territories, 2) the importance of the saving and keeping, the protection and valuation of industrial heritage as a historic marker and witness of the dynamics of these territories.

Expected results
Le Non-Lieu proposes to the partners and interested organizations :

  • Camin’Europa 2015, 3th European meeting on the values of factory chimneys, under the theme “The Factory Chimneys of our European Countries and Regions: a shared  industrial culture”
  • linked to these meetings, to develop: a programme of (temporary or permanent) artistic activities on industrial sites and chimneys; an exhibition “Factory Chimeys – Living Memories”; specific website on factory chimneys in Europe; a book or brochure; to launch an awareness campaign; a series of guidelines and a list of good examples
  • to set up a formal network of associations campaigning for factory chimneys

Co-ordinator / Team leader

Le Non Lieu (Roubaix)
or contact: chimneys@e-faith.org

Group moderators
Olivier Muzellec et Franck Larere